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And this month in the opposite direction from Australia, to Canada. Statistics Canada ( ) is another bilingual site (English of French) which allows quick entry into the relevant home page. By giving even brief details of the various headings, the home page stretches across two pages.

An interesting feature is the search: this is available from the home page and allows access both to free databases (not usually of statistics) and to chargeable databases of statistics. For those who don’t want to pay, the home page allows entry into the basic summary tables well grouped into sections on the economy, the land, the people and the state (pity this doesn’t use frames effectively as it goes across the page depth!) Once beyond the home page, the use of frames is neat and is a simple model that could be adopted by more sites.

Overall the use of graphics has been minimised to produce speedy response. The tables have been produced using Excel 97 which permits the direct copying and pasting of the information into useable tables in Excel. The only criticism I have is of the font used in the tables: a sans serif font would be easier to view.

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