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Ed had completed 100 reviews by December 2006 and thought that would suffice. However, after much encouragement from statisticians both in the UK and throughout Europe, it is time to start again. Even in the two years since the ending of the first series much has happened in web presentation and design. This second series of reviews will again concentrate on the usability of National Statistical Office's web sites: the prime purpose of publication is to challenge colleagues to help users of the sites to be able to navigate through the mass of statistics now available. The reviews will also be published to the United Kingdom's Government Statistical Service through an Intranet. All views expressed are personal.

The series of reviews from January 2009 is now published on the blog at http://surfingwithed.wordpress.com/. This site will not be updated.

This site and the blog also offers guidance on the design of statistical web pages.  Within the site, the reviews are listed by year and month of review or by continent.  It should be noted that the older the review, the more likely it is that comments will not be valid as sites change quite rapidly - many before the reviews were published since copies are sent to the contacts at the sites at or before publication.

Last review: July 2010, USA All the latest reviews are at http://surfingwithed.wordpress.com/


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